Come fly with Vista Air!


Why Choose Vista Air?


Vista Air is a well established Cessna Pilot Center, flight school and aircraft rental company with a friendly and qualified staff and has been in business for 35 years.  A Cessna Pilot Center (CPC) is a specially selected flight school that represents top-quality, professional flight training. Cessna Pilot Centers are associated with The Cessna Aircraft Company and Cessna ensures that they maintain the standards that have helped Cessna remain successful for over 75 years. Cessna requires all CPCs to excel in customer service, with well-trained, professional instructors. They’re able to answer your questions and provide guidance throughout your aviation adventure, from Discovery Flight to your Commercial Pilot rating.


Some Instructors have been teaching here at Vista for many years. We have a large fleet of aircraft to fit all budgets and missions.  With online scheduling, training in or renting an aircraft from us is available to you from any computer and some mobile devices.  Whiteman Airport has proven to be an excellent choice for flight training.  At Whiteman there is no waiting on the taxiway to take off, saving you money and giving you more time in the air.  Students can receive the experience of busy airspace, without having to begin their training in it.  From Whiteman there are dozens of airports to fly to in under an hour, making your training experience diversified and interesting.  You can choose your own schedule, train full or part time, and continue to rent our aircraft once you have earned your license.  Whiteman is the smaller airport with BIG opportunities.


Why Learn to Fly?

Vista Air, Come learn to fly! The sky is your playground.

No matter your ultimate goal, recreational flying or a career in aviation, it all begins with obtaining your private pilot license.  Being able to include the word pilot on your resume separates you from the crowd. It’s an accomplishment that has practical value and says something about who you are. And what it says is all positive. From there your options are almost limitless.  Other certificates available are: commercial, flight instructor, and airline transport.  There are also various ratings: instrument and multi-engine.


What certificates and ratings you choose provide different career opportunities.  Have you thought of all these:  Airline pilot, Agricultural pilot, Air Traffic pilot, Corporate Jet pilot, Air Taxi pilot, Military pilot, Helicopter pilot, Airship pilot (yes, one of our students went on to be the first woman pilot of the Goodyear Blimp), Bush pilot, Cargo pilot, or even a Astronaut. Other career options could be in airport operations or services such as Law Enforcement, Sky Marshal, Airport Management, A & P Mechanic, Flight Dispatcher, Air Traffic Controller, Flight Navigator, Aerospace Engineer, Flight Engineer, and Parachute rigger, Accident Investigator or FAA Examiner.



Why Become a Flight Instructor?

Let’s talk more about one of our personal favorites – CFI & CFII. Demand is high and your experience and dedication can benefit the industry. By teaching others you become a pro yourself. You will impact the safety and proficiency of those you train, but you also keep the aviation community growing.


After earning your Private Pilot certificate there are only 3 more steps to become a primary flight instructor: Instrument Rating, Commercial Pilot certificate and then your Flight Instructor certificate itself. There is no minimum training requirement for the Flight Instructor certificate, but will probably take you 15-20 hours of flight time plus about 40 hours of ground instruction.


You say you love flying? How about getting paid to do it! There is nothing better than flying for free. You will meet a diversified group of people that love flying as you do, and at the same time build your hours as pilot in command. The hours you train can apply towards your currency hours. Many times you can have flexible hours and receive tax deductions on supplies and all our part of your training expenses. It is a huge Win – Win!


Your initial certificate will allow you to train Private and Commercial Pilot applicants all the way to receiving their certificates. What a feeling of accomplishment for you both! You can continue on and receive you CFII, and also train Instrument Pilot applicants.

Take the opportunity to fulfill a dream, and get paid well to do it!


Now that you know what you can do and why you should fly with us, let’s get started…